Let us introduce to you Kristy Pask!

Kristy is the mastermind behind Little Branding Collective. A one-woman show providing creative and innovative marketing, personal branding and photography services to entrepreneurs and small business owners Australia wide. We've had the privilege in working with her in the last few months, and let us assure you, she is a down right professional. We were stoked when she agreed to answer a few of our burning questions...

TCSC: What drew you to the marketing industry?

Kristy: I love marketing as it allows to me to be both creative and strategic at the same time! I was actually studying graphic design at the time I realised I didn’t want to be the one creating the artwork, I wanted to be the one working on the actual project. So I went and got myself a job at a magazine in their events and marketing team before going on to complete post graduate studies in marketing and I’ve been doing it ever since – and I still love it!

TCSC: Owning your own business is a massive step! What encouraged you to do so?

Kristy: One of the things I have learnt about myself over the years is that I am what’s referred to as ‘multi-passionate’. I would last about 18 months in a job and would be itching for the next challenge. I’ve studied Interior Design, Graphic Design, Marketing and Photography, along with a bunch of other smaller professional and personal development courses and programs. I just love to keep moving and developing at a rate faster than I was able to when I was employed. At the end of 2014 I quit my full time job to pursue my dream of working for myself. I love being able to work with a variety of different people on different projects – from marketing to photography to events, and I’ve started moving into coaching now which I am loving!

TCSC: Creating personal branding must be rewarding. What's your favourite parts of the job?

Kristy: It is so rewarding! I love getting behind people and helping them to realise and own their talent and what they are capable of. I do believe that most of us know exactly what we want for our lives, it’s usually just seems really big and scary and we don’t want to say it out loud as it makes us feel so extremely vulnerable. I truly believe we can all have whatever we want, sometimes you just need someone in your corner reminding you and pushing you to follow your heart and passion and encouraging you to confidently share that with the world.

TCSC: What struggles have you come across running your own small business?

Kristy: Sometimes working alone from home can be a little isolating, you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off or have a laugh with – I have joined some great online business communities though so I try and stay active in some of these. And working from homes means I have access to my work ALL the time, it can be hard to switch off and relax – something I am currently working on!

TCSC: Kristy, you're a wife and mum of two young kids! How do you fit it all in? What advice would you give to other young mums wanting to be an entrepreneur?

Kristy: It’s just as the saying goes ‘Some days I amaze myself, others I’m looking for my phone while speaking on it’. I try to be as organised as possible and I rely on my to-do lists. When my boys are in daycare I really have to make the most of that time and then when they are home with me I try to completely let go of work and be present with them – which can be challenging at times as you’re always thinking about what needs to happen next. The advice I try and give myself that I would pass on to anyone else is to focus on one thing at a time, one task, one client, one solution. Determine what actually needs to happen today and what can actually wait. I try and plan my day so the items that need the most brain power are taken care of in the morning. And if I can only do one thing today, what will make the most impact or help me/my client the most. When you have children around you just have to let go of the to-do list and be present – 30 solid minutes of the evening, every evening and you’ll start to gain momentum.

TCSC: We have had the pleasure of working with you previously... did you ever think you'd take photos of cookies?!

Kristy: I’m so grateful I got to take photos for The Cookie Stories! My goal is to help women in business to build their brands and I was so excited about being able to create some fun and colourful brand imagery for you to use anywhere and everywhere you might need. It was so much fun coming up with different concepts to photograph the cookies, I really wanted to give you something bold and fun that complimented the cookies – my hope was when someone saw a picture it would bring a smile to their face, and a little drool to the corner of their mouth!

TCSC: Finally, what’s the next chapter in the Little Branding Collective's story?

Kristy: Gosh, this really is just the beginning… I am feeling very much called to help people take their brands to a new level, to help them gain the clarity and confidence they need to grow to become wildly successful.


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